XpoiSURE @ Shutdowns & Turnarounds Conference 6 feb 2018

We are proud to announce XpoiSURE is participating the Shutdowns and Turnarounds conference on feb 6 in Spijkenisse (Rotterdam area).

There, we will be demonstrate XpoiSURE, revealing how you can make a difference improving efficiency significantly while executing shutdowns and turnarounds.

Join with us and get exclusive insights about trending topics about S&T at the conference.

With Efficiency and Innovations at Shutdowns and Turnarounds as topics for the 19th edition of Shutdown and Turnaround Conference in Spijkenisse, XpoiSURE was at the right spot. Here’s an impression of the conference.

“We have done this turnaround so many times, we are known with all the facts.”

BASF, Air Liquide and Tata Steel shared their approach for executing Shutdowns & Turnarounds showing a high level of control of resources costs and schedules. That asset-owners reached a high level of efficiency executing their Shutdowns and Turnarounds is no surprise as they have build a vast amount of data from previous executions over the past years.  Shutdown and Turnaround procedures become commonly proven by practice and are finally moulded into nifty Excel charts build upon well known scopes, timetables and schedules. It all fits nicely into the assets maintenance plans as they evolved over decades. Not so much room for sudden changes here and thats exactly where the unexpected events need to be taken in account seriously as those tiny changes can be the tip of the iceberg leading to disasters we all know to well..

It is absolutely clear that all have high priorities for safety & incident prevention but leaving the true innovative part on these topics in their presentations underexposed should at least be taken as food for thought. Especially now when qualified personnel is becoming scarce and Industrial IoT is knocking on the doors, unambiguous visioned by the other speakers at the iir Conference: Yokogawa, Rosen and Emerson. Companies that are eager to deliver their Industrial IoT solutions to consolidate their service providing business to asset owners. Automation of generic data it the future…

“The human factor becomes more significant as automation is increasing.”

Asset Maintenance Tooling, providing easy to comprehend visual interaction with those tiny changes that can affect the situation on site in a wink. Having a digital interactive representation presentation of a traditional magnet board with a floor plan helps communicating these disrupting interferences effectively to each and everyone who is involved on site. Thats precise where XpoiSURE puts value accentuating what humans usually do when there is no information, they interpret their own version…

“XpoiSURE fills in the gap in-between and is situated complementary to existing and coming up Asset Maintenance Instruments.”

Solutions by Stork and LMRA first, also presented on the iir Conference, connects people with realtime generic information. via PDA’s Innovation and efficiency is all about communication the right information at the right time in the right format!  And there you see the future at the horizon for Shutdown and Turnaround management. The next coming young generation is well known with digital communication and has to be guided by the experienced field masters. Thereby Collaboration and instant learning is Key.

XpoiSUREs’ XXL touchscreen interface proves to be an inviting and very effective medium for direct interaction and communication between people as what is visioned on screen can be discussed, argued and defined almost immediately.