How accurate is you daily schedule half way the day starting of your project?

You have spent months preparing a solid optimized schedule and as every project and construction manager knows from day one at the kickoff of the project its all hands on to tackle disruptions and changes that occur.




How do you keep track of disruptions of your scheduled tasks in real time?

With xpoisure we provide a fully customizable and scalable interactive floorplan. Visualizing and reducing interruptions at worksites enhance events and risk assessment in advance and in real-time.  Providing insights on daily interferences of scheduled work.



How do you communicate sudden changes adequately with you workforce?

Due to the easy accessible and central placed interactive touchscreen for all workforces and additional installed digital screens, all members of your team have a real time overview on actual permit and event status on site. This -reinforced with a low entry barrier interface- leads to enhancing taskforce collaboration and higher level of safety awareness.



How accessible is you work permit pool to you and your  workforce?

With the easy accessible work permits on the interactive touchscreen you can swipe through all current permits. Work permits can be categorized per discipline or any desired configuration e.g. contractor, area name or event specification. Simply swipe your work permit to the work area and expand the work permit to see its full content. Expand all work permit on the touch screen to see the interactions of the disciplines at your work area.