The next step in to safety iPOSID evolves to XPOISURE is your company ready ?

Early 2013 I was faced with a challenge to secure the safety on site for 200 FTE working on a post stamp, while welding –cutting – heavy lifting –steel structure assembly –electrical installation where interfering with each other.

Time to think out of the box ! I had a vision, an idea but I needed a partner to help create this and lift safety up in to the 21 century.

The idea was simple, make sure that everybody on site has the real time information and safety overview at any giving time. Out with the magnetic overview board hidden away in a control room somewhere, get the information there where it is most needed ! Onsite !

I found a partner in Intervisuals, John Klaasman a visual information expert ready to think out of the box with me. We successfully launched IVID (Interactive Visual Information Diagram, later renamed iPOSID) the results where beyond expectation. No need to say that the project became a great success. But we didn’t stop there and now after twoyears of intensive brain storming with a numerous number of parties in several industries, the conclusion is clear.

There is considerable need for the effective sharing of operational information in the field. Involvement of contractors and consequently improved safety awareness , achieving significant time gains by communicating smarter through iPOSID. Effectively show the right information at the right time, in the right format and context prevents assumptions that may work incidents in hand. iPOSID is ready for its next generation and XpoiSURE is born !

X = any information POI = point of information (or Process Operation Interference) SURE = the way the information is made available HIGH IMPACT and the DATA SECURE and that the system when a power outage will accure continues to operate autonomously.

By the end of December 2015 a new XpoiSURE website will be launched

Are YOU ready to take your company in to the future of safety and curious what XpoiSURE can do for your organization? Do you want a sneak preview of the upcoming website, Or in need of a demonstration ?


John Klaasman

Bart Mooi